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Were you born with super, big dreams? 

Has life not panned out as you expected?

Do you feel stuck, frustrated and disappointed … in yourself?

I know exactly how you feel. But I’ve got good news.
Your dreams are not too big. They are possible.
And it’s ok that you’re not where you expected to be,
’cause you’re here now and that’s about to change.

My average day used to be battling gridlock traffic getting to my dead-end job where I spent most of my hours behind grey cube walls. My dream of being a self-help writer didn’t just feel far away, it felt impossible.

Even worse, my utter unhappiness crept its way into other areas of my life; my relationship, body, mind and energy-levels were all flatlining. I didn’t know how I had gotten to such a dark place and I had no idea how to find my way out. 

I discovered life coaching by accident. To be honest, I had no idea that life coaching was even a thing until I walked through the doors of a business called Soul Space.

I was on the hunt for story ideas for the new spirituality blog I’d started up as a passion project. Even though I didn’t realize it, that day I began a journey that would change my life forever.

At first, I was embarrassed to tell my friends or family that I was going to a “life coach.” I thought they would think I was weird or being ridiculous. But going to my coaching sessions made me happier. I started seeing progress within myself. My dreams began to come into focus out of the fog they’d been in for years.

I didn’t necessarily have the means to pay for a life coach. But I knew I was investing in myself. I gave up Starbucks for awhile, saved all of my birthday and Christmas money and kept scheduling my sessions. Within six months of attending coaching sessions twice per month, I was looking at a completely different life that was filled with days I was excited to wake up and live.

By doing the necessary hard work, I got out of auto-pilot and took charge of my life. Sometimes the truth is hard to take, but here it is: You are experiencing unhappiness because you are choosing it… It’s time to step up for yourself. 

You absolutely can shift your life into one you love. I know so because I’ve done it. And as your coach, I will introduce you to the exact approaches that worked for me.

You’ve got nothing to lose except a life you don’t love. I offer coaching sessions over the phone or if you are in the Detroit-area, in person. Email me today to set up your first sesh!