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We can all admit… 2017 was an emotionally charged year.
From everything that happened on the world stage to the events in your day-to-day life, 2017 was a lot to handle!

We all have a “Heart Magnet.” The charge that our heart is holding determines the people, events and fortunes that we experience.

The Heart Reset workshop is happening on the eve of Winter Solstice.
In this workshop, you’ll learn basic teachings about your Heart Magnet.
We will also be doing a powerful, clearing Kundalini Yoga meditation that will help you reset your charge.

This is an awesome way to recharge your heart right before the holidays, so you can fully enjoy and soak up all the good vibes!

Workshop Details:
December 20, 2017
@ Soul Space
Cost: $30

*50% of this workshop’s proceeds will be donated to the Detroit Youth Boxing Gym program.

(If you get an error through Paypal, don’t worry, the payment went through! Holly will follow up with a confirmation email. Cash is also accepted on day of workshop. If paying cash, pleaseĀ Email Holly to RSVP.)